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20 Questions Every Couple Needs to Ask Before Marriage

Don't even think about walking down the aisle before reviewing Vikki Ziegler's questions with your partner.

Does No Pre-nup Mean No Marriage?

Are you and your partner ready for marriage? Before you answer, be sure to check out Vikki Ziegler's mandatory 20 questions checklist to make sure your beloved truly is "the one." Otherwise you may be the next couple on Untying the Knot...

1. Are each of you willing to share your financial documents with each other?

2. Where do you see yourself financially in 5 years?

3. Would you classify yourself as a saver or a spender?

4. What is your monthly budget including all expenses and liabilities?

5. Do either of you have any debt?

6. If one of you lost your job could you adjust your budget without creating more debt? Do you have savings to draw down in an emergency?

7. Do you plan to keep individual bank accounts?

8. How do you feel about borrowing money from people?

9. Do you owe any money to family or friends?

10. What is your retirement plan?

11. How often do you and your partner communicate about your finances?

12. What are your financial goals?

13. What is your FICO score?

14. Would you consider entering into a prenuptial agreement?

15. Do you have disability insurance in case you become unemployed?

16. If you lost your job would you consider staying at home if you had children to save costs on child care?

17. Do you have life insurance?

18. Do you work with a financial planner? If not, are you open to hiring one?

19. Who will write the checks out for the monthly bills and balance the family checkbook?

20. Do you believe in tithing? If so how much of your income each year would go to your place of worship?

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