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Lala Kent Is "Actively Looking" for a Home Where She "Never Thought" She'd Want to Live

The Vanderpump Rules mom opened up about a potential relocation and spilled the details on fiancé Randall Emmett's "little getaway" condo in Miami. 

By Hannah Chambers

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett recently expanded their family after welcoming their first child together, Ocean Kent Emmett, but it sounds like their lives are growing in another way, too. According to the Vanderpump Rules mama, the couple is well on their way to achieving a few of their real estate dreams. During a chat with Bravo Insider, Lala opened up about her plans to plant roots in an interesting location, and the revelation she recently had about gaining “respect for the place you come from.” 

The new mom recently described baby Ocean’s nursery in their Bel-Air home as “the happiest place on earth,” but that doesn’t mean it’s the only place the family will be making memories. Randall recently shared the “pretty exciting” news that he got a condo with a gorgeous ocean view in Miami, and Lala had even more details on the Florida spot. 

“Randall was born and raised in Miami, so he has a really special place in his heart for that city. And I think he was just needing a little getaway. He was going and staying in hotels and it’s like, well why don’t you just take that money and put it into something that is yours? Where you don’t have to pack a bag each time. It just makes sense," she explained.

While the Miami home looks like an amazing place for Randall to head when he needs a break, it also has another purpose: it’s a solid bargaining tool for Lala. 

“I did tell him, though, ‘if you’re going to have a place in Miami, I would like a place in Utah.’ So that was the tradeoff. We’ll see if that happens,” she said, adding, “I’m actively looking often.” 

If it sounds a bit surprising that Lala is looking to head back to her home state, know that she’s just as shocked by that development herself. 

“I never would have thought that I would say that, just because I couldn’t wait to get out of Utah. And now that I’m out of there, and I’ve done some pretty cool things in LA… I couldn’t wait to get out of there and become a quote-unquote somebody someday, and now I feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve done some pretty cool things in my little lifetime, and now I’m super appreciative of the place I come from.’” Lala shared. “I think having a place in Park City would be the dream. I also want Ocean to grow up with Christmases in Utah because it’s like a Christmas movie. I want her to experience that. Christmas in LA is not the jam.” 

But that doesn’t mean Lala plans to leave Los Angeles for good. She moved to California for a reason, and she’s still motivated to accomplish those plans. 

“I still have not given up on my dreams of acting consistently and being involved in the scripted world,” she said, explaining that the time she spent training to become an actress while growing up was what drove her to move to LA in the first place. “I think just having roles that are coming to me consistently that are challenging, I think that would be the one thing I would like to work towards and conquer. I’m a Virgo, so I love to take on challenges and conquer them.” 

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