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The Daily Dish Vanderpump Rules

I Worked Out Like the Vanderpump Rules Cast for a Week and Here's What Happened

Little known fact: you don’t actually have to be a SURver to work out like one.

By Marni Eth

If you follow any of the Vanderpump Rules cast members on social media, you have probably noticed that they are obsessed with going to workout classes at LIT Method. Seriously: Stassi SchroederKatie Maloney-SchwartzTom SchwartzJax TaylorKristen Doute, Lala Kent, and Brittany Cartwright have all tried the trendy "low impact training" fitness regimen which involves no jumping, no running and no weights — so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I did a week trial to investigate why it’s a Bravolebrity staple

How to Watch

Watch Vanderpump Rules on Peacock and the Bravo app.  

While the gym itself is based in L.A., LIT Method offers a free, weeklong on-demand video option that can be done remotely. In order to do the on-demand workout videos, there are a few items that you need handy: a resistance band, a bootie band, a foam roller and/or a lacrosse ball. The website offers a “Lit Kit Bundle” on their products page, but since I already owned most of those items, I opted to order a generic bootie band off Amazon and was ready to get LIT!


Credit: Brittany Cartwright/Instagram

My goal for the workout series was to increase my “core strength,” but there were several options to choose from such as weight loss, cardio, stability, etc. The videos have three main phases: a compound phase that warms you up, an isolation phase that targets a specific muscle group and a recovery phase that helps you stretch and wind back down.

So here's what I found: “Low Impact Training” may sound like it’s easy, but couldn't be further from the truth. I should have known based on the amount of sweat that poured out of Jax’s shirt after class on his Instagram Story, that low impact could still mean high intensity. Read on for my fitness diary to find out what happened during Vanderpump Rules-approved workout week.


Credit: Katie Maloney-Schwartz/Instagram; Jax Taylor/Instagram; Tom Schwartz/Instagram 


Day 1: Legs & Abs

Video length: ~28 minutes

Equipment needed: bootie band 

The first workout introduced me to the LIT Method founders, Justin and Taylor, who are featured in each workout. Their flirty banter made it super obvious they were a couple, but I didn't mind being a virtual third wheel since it added entertainment. Warmup movements included activated lateral lunges, hamstring stretches and hip flexers, which prepped the legs and abs for the main event. I quickly discovered that nothing gets your blood pumping like trying to keep the same pace as a hot couple with abs of steel. One position in particular that I had never attempted before was a "sumo style crab walk" that included bouncing up and down on my toes while keeping my heals up. More than just my legs and abs were burning after this first workout and I definitely felt it in my hamstrings too.


Day 2: Abs


Video length: ~13 minutes

Equipment needed: bootie band

This workout was quick and focused on targeting the ab muscles. I used a bootie band while performing different style crunches. Moves included driving the knees to the chest while lying flat on your mat, bicycle crunches, and twisted crunches. Since I’m not used to structured daily workouts, I was super relieved to only have to do this for 13 minutes. Whew!


Day 3: Arms


Video length: ~22 minutes

Equipment needed: resistance band

Don’t let the name “arms” fool you — everything hurt after this video! The warmups included hinges with a twist to work the obliques and lower back before doing some rotator cuff stretches to prepare for the arm workout. Then came high plank and side toe taps as well as low plank twists. The resistance band was used in a bunch of different ways, including under the feet while the arms pulled them up in both a slow and pulsing pace. Even though working out my arms was the main goal, I still felt it in my core and my legs too. Justin and Taylor did a good job motivating me, even though I learned the hard way that forearm planks are my new arch nemesis.


Day 4: Abs


Video length: ~13 minutes

Equipment needed: none

This was another mini ab blaster session that can easily be added to another workout if you are feeling ambitious (which they did recommend). This workout included different types of movements in high plank and low plank positions that used toe taps to engage the core, plus a lot of mountain climbers and bicycle style crunches. I was super sore after the arm video the previous day, so I was happy to just do a smaller workout for this one. I felt these moves a lot in my shoulders.


Day 5: Total Body Turnup


Video length: ~25 minutes

Equipment needed: bootie band and resistance band

This was the hardest video for me to do and it was a full head-to-toe workout. It also might be because I had worked out more in the past 4 days than I had in the past 4 years, but either way it was difficult. There were plenty of different style plank toe taps, crunches and other moves that activated the whole body. The resistance band was used in interesting ways: One move that left me super sore included lifting it over head then pulling it down to the knee as you tap that leg back and forth. Another move used the bootie band above the knees and around the thighs while squatting down and then kicking one leg up to the side. Usually when you are doing an in-person class the instructor can help you adjust your posture if they see you doing it wrong, so I appreciated that Justin and Taylor gave the heads up of what was supposed to burn throughout. Having those hints helped me adjust my position slightly if I wasn't feeling it where they were. I slept like a baby that night.


Day 6: Cardio Burn


Video length: ~20 minutes

Equipment needed: None

This video was intense despite not needing any resistance bands. It was pure non-stop moving for 20 straight minutes, and I barely made it out alive! The workout started with rotating toe touches and different kinds of squats. Then different kinds of planks, forearm planks, mountain climbers and crunches were integrated throughout the workout. My only solace was that Taylor and Justin are doing it the whole time too. Sometimes if you are in a group class, the instructors are walking around the room while you are doing it, so it’s nice that they are working hard too (even through a screen). 


Day 7: Roll & Recover


Video length: ~5 minutes

Equipment needed: foam roller or lacrosse ball

This video can definitely be done after each and every other video and doesn't need to be done on it’s own like I did it. This session is meant to increase mobility and breaking up any knots you may have. Don’t be alarmed if using the foam roller is painful, it will help you feel better afterwards. 


The Verdict


I can definitely see why the LIT Method is appealing to the SURvers and now I know how they stay so toned.  Although the on-demand videos were awesome and made me feel like I was transported to West Hollywood, they aren't the exact same as the in-person classes and don’t incorporate larger equipment like the rowing machines they have there. Even so, I would still recommend the LIT trial to anyone who needs a quick workout and is able to motivate themselves without needing the group energy an in-person class adds. Overall, I felt like I had a great workout since I was consistently sore and used my muscles in ways I hadn't before. I’d also mix and match the videos in a different order next time and use the recovery one after each session.

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