The SURver with the Most Extensive Pre-Reunion Beauty Routine Is... Tom Sandoval

The SURver with the Most Extensive Pre-Reunion Beauty Routine Is... Tom Sandoval

Sandoval shared all the details of his pre-Vanderpump Rules reunion grooming routine, and you're going to want to take notes. 

By Marni Eth
tom sandoval reunion look

This season on Vanderpump Rules, we saw Tom Sandoval plan the perfect Tom Tom entrance and pack the perfect vacation bag (shout out to his hatbox), so of course we had to ask about his pre-reunion grooming regimen. The Lookbook caught up with the stylish SURver and got the inside scoop on everything that goes into Tom's reunion preparation.

You better believe Sandoval's pre-reunion beauty routine has eight elements: (1) First, Tom uses “a really good clay mask” on his face, which removes dirt and oil. (2) After that he shaves his whole face, which exfoliates and gets rid of any residue. (3) Then he hops in the shower, followed by (4) “eye cream and (5) face serum” after he’s dry, which moisturizes and hydrates his skin.

(6) Up next he shared that he's “loving sunless tanner in dark or extra dark,” which goes on his face, neck and his “ghost-white ankles.” Pro tip: make sure every part of skin that shows is all the same color — that's why it's important to get that space between your pants and loafers! Sandoval suggests using tanner the night before a big event because “it can get shiny if you're putting it on the same day,” especially if you are on camera.

(7) Once that's on, he uses his blow dryer for his hair, which also “helps the tanner set in too.” (8) Then he finishes off with a flat iron to style it.

Before a big event, Sandoval also normally has an extensive fitness routine. This year, the new homeowner shared that he was tied up with his recent home purchase with girlfriend Ariana Madix, so he didn't have much time for workout prep. Still, he detailed his usual routine: Sandoval suggests “having a really good cardio sweat session” the day before a big event, and also hitting the gym regularly too.

Getting “12 hours of sleep” in order to look refreshed is a must — especially to prepare for a day that will be really long and draining. Lastly, he couldn't find where his “sweat block” was in his new house, but when he used it on his face last year before taping the reunion, he “only needed to be powdered like two times.” Talk about a pro tip! 

And... here's the finished result: 

tom sandoval reunion
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