9 Biggest Secrets Revealed in the #PumpRules Uncensored Special

9 Biggest Secrets Revealed in the #PumpRules Uncensored Special

We're counting down the most shocking secrets revealed in the Vanderpump Rules season one Uncensored special.

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PumpRules Uncensored: SUR Relationships Chart

9. Firefighter Jax?!

If it weren't for Stassi Schroeder and Lisa Vanderpump, Jax Taylor would be a firefighter in Florida right now!

8. Sneaky Kristen

Remember that moment when Stassi was crying in her apartment after her friend and fellow SURver, Jen revealed that Frank told her Jax got a girl pregnant in Vegas? Well, it was all thanks to Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney that that moment was captured on camera because they called production and revealed that Stassi was having a meltdown. Production immediately ran over and the rest is history, but the most annoying part of the whole thing according to Stassi? She didn't even have time to put on make up!

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Stassi Breaks Down

7. Ariana's debut

Ariana Madix's debut was actually in season one. She was one of Scheana Shay's back up dancers for her performance at the Roxy, but Ariana wanted nothing to do with being on camera, so when they were rehearsing for Scheana's big performance Ariana kept covering her face with her hair so the cameras wouldn't film her.
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Scheana Takes the Stage!

6. They did make out!

And what Ariana didn't want anyone to know at the time was that her and Tom Sandoval did make out in Vegas right before season one started shooting.

5. Team Stassi Vs. Team Jax

It wasn't just the SURvers that were split between Team Stassi and Team Jax, production was torn too and would regularly have arguments over who they believed more.

4. They knew all along...

No surprise here...Kristen and Katie knew Jax was coming to surprise Stassi in Vegas.
Stassi's Tense Birthday


Remember when Laura-Leigh and Jax couldn't keep their hands off of each other? Well, that led to one of the most awkward shoots one of the show's producers has ever been a part of. After Laura-Leigh and Jax went to the sweat shop for some detoxing they hit the showers and well you basically know what followed.

2. Stassi lied!

Do you recall how Stassi denied cheating on Jax with Frank at the season one reunion? Well, the truth is finally coming out! Stassi admits that she lied and actually did hook up with Frank while her and Jax were still together.
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PumpRules Uncensored Confession: Stassi Cheated on Jax

1. Secret pacts

In this exclusive video, the cast fully admits that right before they started filming the show they created a number of secret pacts. One pact was that they wouldn't fight or betray each other and well we all know how long that lasted.
PumpRules Uncensored: Secret Pacts
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