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Kristen: Frank Is Manipulating Stassi

Kristen discusses her reaction to Tom's past and what she thinks of Jax and Stassi's relationship. Why did you think that Jax and Stassi would get back together?
Kristen Doute: Over the past couple of years I've seen Stassi and Jax "break up" a million times. Their relationship has been a broken record and they both live in absolutes, so when they broke up this time I just felt like, "OK, I'll believe it when I see it."

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KD: As unhealthy as their actions had become, they really are perfect for each other. It's also heartbreaking to have our group torn apart. I know that they both love each other and I felt like they both just checked out. Relationships are not effortless. Why did it upset you so much running into Casey?
KD: It was just really unexpected to have Casey at the photo shoot. When I first realized who she was, it didn't even occur to me that she and Tom had hooked up before. I just thought, "What a small world!" She and her sister were living with Tom when he and I met. Earlier that day she and I were conversing about my apartment etc. so when it later came up that she was the one who slept with him it just grossed me out. I'm well aware that Tom and I both have pasts but honestly -- who wants to picture their boyfriend having sex with someone else? Do you think Stassi made the situation worse?
KD: Stass loves to rattle the cage. She wasn't trying to upset me but she definitely wanted to stir the pot and keep it going for her own humor. She would have reacted the same way as I did and wanted to feel justified that it would have bothered her if she were in my position. Why did you decided to tell Tom about it in front of the boys?
KD: I hadn't had a chance to talk to him since the shoot because I went straight to work and he was at an audition. I can be very impulsive. It also wasn't some secret -- Peter and especially Jax know everything anyway. Do you think he reacted to the situation properly?
KD: He reacted exactly how I knew that he would. He was annoyed. What irritated me the most about the whole situation is the way that Casey acted afterward. I wasn't mad, I was just uncomfortable. We were at the shoot to do a job and she kept on talking about it and rolling her eyes. I wanted him to understand where I was coming from. What did you think of Lisa saying you were dramatic?
KD: I think Lisa likes to pigeon hole me. Am I temperamental? Yes. I don't deny that I can be dramatic at TIMES but I have very strong opinions and want my voice to be heard. I'm honest to a fault and when something is bothering me I am going to speak my mind. I think Lisa takes that and sums me up as a "hypochondriac drama queen," and rarely gives me the benefit of the doubt. We don't all get the same treatment -- she plays favorites. And of her confronting you (and Tom) about the blow-up?
KD: It was fair because Lisa wants us to leave our bulls--- at the door and just work when we come in to Sur. I get it, it's just not always that easy. I work with my boyfriend and all of my best friends. I understand where she was coming from because I should have waited to confront him, but my personal life has never affected a customer. Ever. What did you think of Stassi going on a date with Frank so soon?
KD: I understand that she needed a distraction, and that she wanted attention and affection. She and Jax had been having problems for a while and she felt alone. I think, though, that it was way too soon for her to be dating someone else. Frank was Jax's friend! He was only there to fill a void. Stassi's heart had no time to heal. Did you think that Jax going to Supper Club was the right idea
KD: Initially, no because I thought it would create more chaos and that he was just setting himself up to be upset seeing them together. But... I would have done the same thing and Jax had to do what was right for him. Were you surprised that she ended up leaving with him?
KD: Not at all! Jax was the sober, put-together Prince Charming for once. He walked in there being everything she had wanted him to be for most of their relationship. Like I said, Frank was just a rebound; a temporary void filler. What did you think of Frank’s bombshell?
KD: I think Frank was just wasted and full of s---. He wanted to make Jax look bad so that he would look like the hero. Do you think Stassi should believe him?
KD: No. Jax definitely has a history of being a pathological liar but I think Frank was trying to manipulate her when she was vulnerable. If he had this information for so long, why was it just now coming out?

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