Lisa Knows She's a Softie

Lisa Knows She's a Softie

Lisa is aware that Stassi might be manipulative, but she can't help but cut her some slack.

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Welcome back to Vanderpump Rules!

I watched with sadness at seeing the emotionally complex Laura-Leigh. I always knew that her relationship would be brief at best with Jax, but it worried me. As if we were peeling layers of an onion, we slowly see the multi-faceted character that always appears so fragile. I see how Jax suddenly comes to the conclusion that he has bitten of more than he can chew and is desperately trying to back away and. . .You will see very soon how this story takes a sharp turn!

I was exasperated at Stassi's inadequacy to produce her column every week for The Divine Addiction, so we decided to take her to task, corner her. and give her an ultimatum. I hear all of you when you repeatedly tell me to let her go, to fire her, but life isn't that simple. Pandora was pretty tough on her, but I supported her chastising her, knowing that Pandora was at the end of her tether. I can't be too hard on them as I know they need guidance and are capable of so much more. She is probably manipulative, but I do know that the last couple of months were extremely taxing for her and we weren't ready to give up! I am well aware you all think I am a softie and I am not going to apologize for that as I am tough when I need to be.

Oh seeing Max play the guitar was too brief for me! He is an incredible musician and I don't feel the footage did it justice. He has a talent that to me is remarkable as it was God given. He was self-taught, but went to music college for a brief spell. I desperately want him to pursue his dream and I am so proud of him! He needs to study and take it seriously. . .We will see.

The thing I adore about SUR is also the thing that makes it difficult to run. It's the complications between some of the staff and there are many you haven't seen!

Anyway I will leave you till next week. Ready to drop the curtain on this final episode. . .much love always. Lisa.

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