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Katie: Kristen is an ---hole and a Liar

Katie explains why ending her friendship with Kristen was a "no brainer" and laments that her SUR family is broken.

By Katie Maloney

Whenever you find yourself between a rock and a hard place the only way out is to use extreme tact. We all have found ourselves in a sticky situation between friends. It's not impossible to be friends with people who don’t get along. But, you can’t achieve that if you are criminalizing one party in the process. I think Scheana was being a little petty in her process with Stassi. She was simply butt hurt that Stassi wasn't taking enough initiative in their friendship. Guess what? That's life sometimes. Sometimes you have to consider what someone is going through without your own feelings getting in the way. I don't think Scheana considered that Stassi was pulling away for her own self-preservation. Scheana took it personally and acted on impulse. Sometimes you have to give people their time and their space. That's what adults do. If Scheana really did care as much as she says about her friendship with Stassi, she would have done the honorable thing and been a supportive friend rather than take it personally and do damage.

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My favorite moment this season was Tom's imitation of Scheana's dance. Tom Sandoval is such a character and I have always enjoyed that about him. I find him hilarious, and he actually is a really good dancer!


Speaking of dancing. . .I do regret the way I handled Scheana’s lapdance fiasco. I wasn't of sound mind at that point. I was belligerent and was using foul language and name-calling. I do stand by the fact that giving a lapdance is very uncharacteristic of me, and I find them skanky. I was still sorting out the feelings I had towards Scheana and it got out of hand. I really should have monitored my drinking given the circumstances. I had a very hard time watching myself. The way I spoke was so sloppy and unattractive. Scheana's not at fault for any of it, but why someone who is sober would argue like that with someone highly intoxicated doesn't make a lot of sense to me. All I can say is that I learned a lot from watching that and that given how drunk I was, I am still glad I knew it was wrong to give Peter a lap dance.

I can say that there have been at least two instances that Scheana lost money because of Brandi being at SUR. Do I think it's fair that Scheana has to lose out because Brandi happens to be there? No. I think that given that Brandi knows Scheana works for Lisa, she should think about that before she decides to come into one of Lisa's restaurants. On the other hand, Brandi really suffered from Scheana's affair with her ex-husband. Every woman regardless of the present, past, and future can feel for her. Brandi's antics aside, she is truly the victim in this situation. Her ex is definitely a piece of s--- and he played them both. I commend Scheana for actively trying to apologize to Brandi and alleviate the stress. It's not up to Scheana for Brandi to forgive and let go. Brandi, though, needs to at least appreciate that and not take blows at Scheana. A mutual understanding needs to happen.

I 100 percent would AT LEAST somewhat understand and feel slightly better about the Kristen and Jax affair if it stemmed from something emotional. I have said before that sometimes you fall for the right person at a very wrong time. It would be more understandable if Kristen and Jax had always secretly had a thing for each other and finally they were acting on that impulse. It's very unsettling that it was purely sexual between them. It's so cheap! Clearly, they both were so desperate for a lay that while they could have found anyone else, they chose each other knowing how much it could hurt two people they loved very much. I just don't understand for the life of me that logic. It's heart-breaking and nauseating all at the same time.

Our SUR family is broken. Sad but true. I think there are tears still because of the residual love left over. But it's tarnished and unrecognizable at this point. I never could have predicted that this was going to happen in the beginning of this all. I'm saddened, frightened, and disturbed at the happenings and inflictions brought about. These were people I trusted with my life and I will never recover from the recklessness with which they treated my trust. I always forgive and forget, but I have never been wronged so badly in my life.

Kristen was given MULTIPLE opportunities privately from Stassi and even myself to own her mistakes. She relentlessly denied and accused us of being bad friends for ever thinking it was true. I felt awful for unearthing the rumor. Kristen was on a downward spiral in the midst of dealing with the Tom and Ariana rumors, and that was taking a massive toll on our friendship. She was inconsolable and I was at my wit's end. Finding out that Kristen had in fact slept with Jax was my breaking point. I had lost all respect for her and I thought that getting the truth from her in front of everyone was going to make it impossible for her to lie anymore. . .all we wanted was the truth from her!


I don't think Stassi relished in the moment when she publicly confronted Kristen. She was so heartbroken, terrified, and angry over it. I, under any other circumstance, would have advised her against it, but I had empathy. After all, I had been lied to and betrayed myself. I’ll say it again, Kristen had ample opportunity before that night to come clean to us both. This was the last-ditch effort.

Kristen treated Stassi like s--- once she knew Stassi had the truth. She humiliated Stassi beyond any chance of forgiveness. Stassi was her best friend and she didn’t even try to apologize. Of course, there is nothing she can say to make Stassi forgive her, but not even trying is just insane in my eyes. At that point, any sane person would do everything they can to apologize, even if they know it won't change anything. Kristen wants to get on my case for ending my friendship with her after she displays how she treats her other best friend!?! I mean, it’s a no brainer. Kristen is a liar. No if, ands, or buts about it. She looked me square in the eyes and LIED! Is she an ---hole? Most definitely and she is also a liar. I really hope she seeks professional help.

I hope Jax also gets some help. Not having remorse for such destructive behavior isn't socially acceptable.

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