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Katie talks about the burlesque performance, learning sex appeal from Lisa, and her feelings on pasties. 

When Nathalie asked Stassi and I to do a little burlesque dance for the party I was excited, but then reality sunk in. Three years ago, a small group of us girls at SUR wanted to put a dance troupe together, so we got together every week for months. It was more for the workout and fun of doing something productive with your girlfriends. However, Stassi and I aren't pro-dancers, and I'm not even sure if we could be considered amateur. But we have fun doing it, and ultimately that was enough for us to wiggle our a--es into those hot pants and shake it.

When I saw the pasties, quite literally my inner dialogue was "Oh, hell no! There's no way!?! I mean right? There's no way!" Again, we already had enough obstacles going into the whole dance that adding a wardrobe hurdle was going to give me even more anxiety.

I think Lisa really has it going on! She was in prime condition to dance with us considering all the rehearsals she was having for Dancing With The Stars. I don't consider myself to be a "sexy" type so I was grateful that Lisa, who happens to ooze sex appeal, could give me some pointers.

I don't know why more women don't know the maxi pad shoe trick! Two things happen to our feet in heels: Number one, sore toes and balls of feet, and number two, our feet slip due to shoes being too big or perspiring. Maxi pads are cheap and solve both problems!

I completely understand Stassi and her frustrations with Jax. Her patience ran thinner every day. I do think this was an instance where Jax needed genuine support. Stassi going to check on Jax was her offering that. But when he tells her more details and explained that the supplements were the cause while he is consuming a muscle shake -- that would have frustrated me the same! I think Stassi could have maintained some more sensitivity, or at least avoid an argument simply for the sake of the matter.

Guillermo's party was so much fun! Nathalie and Lisa really went to lengths to make it so special. I felt pretty good about our dance. Stassi and I don't take ourselves too seriously, especially when it comes to dancing. We wanted to help make the night special and we had fun at the same time. It never occurred to me what Scheana would think of our dance, her opinion isn't valued by either of us. Nobody's is, actually.

And as far as Tom's cooking for the boys, I joke that I do the handy work and Tom does the cooking, but actually it's true. I have a couple dishes I like making, but Tom knows his way around the kitchen much better. He loves to cook and grill for us. I'm actually quite spoiled, I couldn't even count the number of times I have woken up to breakfast in bed. I'm one lucky lady.

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