Katie on Spilling Jax's Secret to Stassi

Katie on Spilling Jax's Secret to Stassi

Katie dishes on telling Stassi about Jax's tryst with a ballerina and convincing Kristen to confront Ariana.

I was digging the theme this year for the Gay Pride parade! I liked the angel and white virginal theme simply for the juxtaposition with us, fallen angels, as Stassi put it. The perfect amount of irony. I thought the wings were so cool. I felt like a Victoria's Secret angel sans the boobs and body. . .Nonetheless, it was awesome. It added the flare we needed to bring to the Pride Parade!

I felt like I had heard Scheana’s song more than I have heard ANY song in my life, so I wasn't exactly thrilled to hear it on loop. I was dreading it, in fact. Since I was on the back of the float and it was chaotic back there as well as on the streets along the route, I hardly heard or noticed it. Maybe I was just able to tune it out!


I was positive Stassi knew about Jax and the ballerina. I could've sworn I had talked with her briefly about it, or she had at least caught wind of it, since nothing is secret for very long at SUR. I was so casual about it because I knew, ultimately, Stassi couldn't care less. That doesn't keep her from giving Jax s--- about it though. The girl was 21 years old and also had a boyfriend. That just a recipe for disaster. I regret bringing it up in front of Jax because he couldn't resist going on and on about it, which was just gross and irritating for everyone!

Since Kristen couldn't shake the rumors and Ariana was now working with us, Stassi and I suggested that Kristen should woman up and approach her about it. Otherwise, it was always going to be a strain and that pink elephant no one ever wants to acknowledge. I felt that if Kristen had a woman to woman talk, it would eliminate any existing tension and put her mind to rest!

I only acknowledged Jax in the parking lot because Stassi and I were already out there, and he awkwardly came out and sat down. He likes to insert himself in situations that are already tense and he doesn't help make light of them. He likes to gain attention and I think he wanted to put himself in front of us in a passive aggressive way to evoke a response. That response, as expected, wasn't pleasant. He has a way of causing a lot of unnecessary drama with his actions and texts, and then plays the victim and coward when he is confronted. He wasn't living his life for himself. He was doing things strictly to garner a response.

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