Katie: Scheana Ruined Tom's Shot at SUR

Katie: Scheana Ruined Tom's Shot at SUR

Katie calls Scheana petty for telling Lisa about the Shay-Schwartz fight and dishes on their strained friendship. 

Working with Scheana after the drama at her birthday party was about as awkward as you could imagine. I didn't feel great about getting into a fight with her at her own birthday. I had reached my limit with her though. I felt like her attitude towards my friendships with Stassi and Kristen combined with the "tooth" thing had reached a boiling point.

My friendship with Scheana had been strained for a couple months. After Stassi and I had rekindled our friendship, Scheana had become sour and constantly felt left out, which was never truly the case. I had also had a similar, yet more traumatic, dental procedure done and was offering constant advice to her about what to expect. Having gone through the same thing, I understood that it’s not an invasive procedure and doesn't exactly warrant a phone call. I soon realized that it was taken very seriously by Scheana and getting a text/phone call post procedure would have made her feel better and for that I am sorry. Post birthday fiasco tension just continued to swell, and it was only added pressure that the boys (Shay and Schwartz) had fought, too.

I was so proud of Tom on his interview with Lisa. I mean, he was about as charming and charismatic as ever. I would have hired him on the spot. I find his crush on Lisa so adorable and I constantly like to tease him and Lisa about it. She did have a lot of valid points in the interview. I don't like to be compared to examples of people who date at SUR because Tom and I have our own code of ethics when it comes to work and Lisa is fully aware that I am not always one to bring my drama to work. I think Tom has a lot to bring to the table and Lisa wouldn't regret hiring him, if she ever chooses to do so down the line.


I thought it was a little petty for Scheana to bring Schwartz and Shay’s fight into Lisa’s light. Had Shay and Tom both worked at SUR then yes, she should be aware. I thought Scheana told Lisa because she knew that Tom interviewed and was trying to be spiteful and ruin any chance he had getting hired. It just reminds me of that kid in elementary school that would tattle to the teacher every time someone did something wrong. What happened at Scheana’s birthday between the boys was very uncharacteristic of them both, and everyone knew that. So why run and tell everyone? It also doesn't make Shay look good in Lisa’s eyes.

I didn't necessarily want Stassi to dress Scheana down during their talk. I just knew how fired up she was and didn't see the conversation going well. This was tension building over time, as well. Stassi felt Scheana was infringing on her life just to get under her skin. Stassi felt Scheana was painting her in a bad light to Pandora and Lisa and it was starting to show. She was on the inside with them both and now she felt shunned.


When Pandora told Stassi that Scheana was going to begin writing for The Divine Addiction, she broke. Stassi felt it was another thing Scheana was trying to take from her. Their conversation really only fanned the flames, but it was bound to happen and honestly need to happen.

It’s hard to contain Jax. Once he makes his mind up on something, like getting the Stassi tattoo, he really can't be swayed. I think Schwartz just had to bite his tongue and let Jax do it. Also, Schwartz isn't the type to put up a fight about something.

As far as Schwartz getting a tattoo for me, he isn't really the tattoo-kind-of-guy. The only time I could ever see him getting a tattoo is if he proposes a bet and the loser has to get tweety bird tattooed on their a--. He always loses those kind of bets. If he were the type that had a bunch of tattoos, then I would be very flattered to have my stamp on him. Hey, maybe I should make a bet with and whoever loses has to get the other's name tattooed on their a--.

Stassi and Jax’s date went as well as I thought it would. Stassi was really trying to work on forgiving Jax and building trust again. Jax saw that as a window to getting back together. They would be getting along and then Jax would begin to press and that would just push Stassi away. He would be on really good behavior for two weeks and when that wasn't enough for Stassi he would act out. I don't think he really grasped that it wasn't a guarantee and definitely not overnight. Yes, he did do some things to impress Stassi, but the core of the issue still remained and that was trust. She was very clear about what she could offer, and that was friendship. When that wasn't enough for Jax, she had to tell him it’s time to move on. Jax’s persistence makes that an almost impossible feat, but Stassi is a tough cookie to crack.

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