Kristen: Ariana is a Homewrecker

Kristen: Ariana is a Homewrecker

Kristen opens up about this painful time with Tom, her friends criticizing her relationship and new girl Ariana.

To be honest with you guys, I had a really hard time with this episode and didn't watch it in it's entirety.

Tom and I were mending the wounds. We were both working on empathy and focusing on our blissful present, rather than the painful past. He had accepted that I was still hurt and I realized I had to stop punishing him in order for us to move forward and be happy. Being a b---- was just my defense mechanism for all of the hurt I had building up inside for so long. I don't even think I was actually angry -- just devastated.

I wanted to ignore the rumors watching my friends knock my relationship and having to relive that was too intense.


Ariana is a home wrecking w---- and doesn't deserve to be spoken of.

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