Scheana Finally Has Someone on Her Side

Scheana Finally Has Someone on Her Side

With her BFF Ariana coming to SUR, Scheana discusses having an ally and the drama that comes with her.

I was so excited to have Ariana come to SUR. Not only is she my best friend, but we also have so much fun working together at Villa Blanca. I felt having a good friend of mine come to SUR would help with my issues with all of the other girls there because, for once, I finally had someone on my side.
I didn't know what Stassi was thinking asking me about Ariana. Anytime I've had a conversation with Stassi recently it's extremely awkward, so having Kristen walk in on that didn't help the flow of conversation. First of all, I had asked Ariana several times if anything happened between her and Tom and the answer was always the same. No!

And I'm sorry, even if I did know anything, Stassi is the last person I would tell in confidence. I don't trust her. Stassi and I went from being amazing friends last year to semi-acquaintances, again, and merely coworkers.

I don't think I brought more drama into SUR. The Ariana and Tom "thing" has been a rumor and an issue for a while now. However, now that Ariana is at SUR, her problems are mine as well. Tom, Ariana, Shay, and I have all been friends for years. Nothing more. They may come off as "flirty" behind the bar, but I think that's just their personality. Some people tend to look into it too much.


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