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Behind James' Firing and "Club Sandoval"

Our producer discusses the staff's reaction to the SUR shakeups and tells you more about Tom's handyman skills.

By Erin Foye

Whoa boy! You're suspended. No you're suspended! And you're fired! Are these punishments new to the SUR cast? Ummmm, absolutely not. Kristen has been suspended more than three times -- well that's how many times she will admit. T Sandy has a few suspensions under his belt as well. Mr. James Kennedy, however, saw his first offense resulting in a Donald Trump-style firing. Was Lisa, to parphrase Clueless, way harsh? Find out what the rest of the SURvers thought of their penalties, below.

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But one firing of James wasn't enough. Watch our exclusive extended scene where Peter gives his thoughts on having to re-fire James, Ariana talks about the joys of witnessing the whole thing, and James disses Peter's choice of workout gear.


Lesson learned: You just never know when something is going to go down at SUR.

Stassi also gave us a little sneak peak of her new spacious and luxurious closet. It is true -- in LA you do get more for your money. Stassi and her new BF lived together in a cozy shoebox in NYC. So this place is a palace in comparison! Fact: her apartment was so small in NYC that Stassi would go to the Starbucks down the street to hit up the bathroom, if you know what I mean. Now she has plenty of room for all of her mug collection (she's a big zombie fan, which explains her choice of dishes).

Also of note, Schwartz was deeply hungover that day. Here's a great shot of him trying to recover.


This episode, before Kristen shows up to reclaim her belongings, you see Tom doing some work in his apartment, and I just want to make sure that work he did is full recognized. So, we present to you: The Shelves that Tom Built. The finished product is truly amazing. Check out the pictures Tom sent us after he was done. 


True story: those shelves are outfitted with neon LED lights. It's like being in Club Sandoval.


I bet Sandoval wishes his building talents translated to his batting cage skills. Ariana hit way more balls then Tom. We the crew (#bcrew) tested out the ball speed just to make sure it was hittable before the scene. It was. We are very athletic.



Tom missed every ball that came at him. Was this because his earlier workout routine consisted of 30 minutes of cardio, weights and Kristen gossip?

And speaking of athletic, check out that Kristen highkick one more time! She takes Muay Thai once a week, work it girl. #Boom


Lastly here's a shot of that IKEA bag of memories Kristen picked up from Tom's. This was not an easy time for anyone. Lots of tears that day.


Foye Out! #foyecrew @efoye

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