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Lisa: Is Schwartz For Real?

Lisa gives her thoughts on Schwartz and Katie's relationship and the drama at Scheana's reception.

By Lisa Vanderpump

How does Lisa Vanderpump really feel about what goes in (and outside) of her restaurant SUR? Each week Lisa is telling you how she really feels about the SURvers antics in her video blog. How does she feel about their infighting, hookups, drama, and backstabbing? Watch below to see -- or scroll down to read a full transcription of her thoughts.

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Lisa's Vlog: Is Tom Schwartz For Real?

Hi I’m Lisa Vanderpump, and welcome to my video blog.

When Kristen said to me, “It was personal,” no Kristen, it was never personal.

I’m not going to give her the pleasure of giving her something to go off about. If it had been personal, I would’ve fired you years ago.

Scheana is getting all stressed out and she’s all upset over things that probably no one would’ve even noticed. I think now maybe they understand somewhat what I go through as a restaurateur, trying to keep everything smooth on the outside with the crazy behind the scenes.

I actually sent Scheana a text that morning saying don’t stress over anything. I know easier said than done, but people don’t remember all the little things that might go wrong. They remember how beautiful the bride is and how happy she looked.

Now I know why she wants the crop top dress.

Is this guy for real, really?

It actually for a second made me think that she does need to break up with him to bring him to his senses.

Jax, he’s really scraping the barrel now. He’s probably been through all the bridesmaids, apart from my daughter, so I’m probably the last thing left.

Ten minutes, Jax? No, that might be long enough for you, but that’s not long enough for me. Actually, in retrospect, 10 seconds with Jax would be long enough for me.

Scheana did it. She pulled off the perfect wedding and then afterwards, because of the budget, she had to clear it up as well, but this is when all her friends came together, and I just love seeing that. That about said it all.

Thanks for watching my video blog. I’m Lisa Vanderpump, and I’ll see you soon.    

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