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Our Producer Dissects the Insta War

Get the scoop on the gang's #InstaFight, the new opening titles, and read secret texts from Tom Schwartz.

Something cool we did this season was a fresh new show open. We were at SUR all day! From 9 am until 4 am in the morning. It was a lot of work -- with a bit of relaxing thrown in. The dudes enjoyed some down time. . .

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Everybody got done up. . .


And mostly paid attention. . .


You can see more amazing photos of the day unfolding HERE and so it really feels like you were there, here's a video to see how the entire process unfolded. 


Now onto the episode -- You finally get to see Tom and Ariana in action as a couple. What love birds they are! During the course of this episode they Frenched at least three times. What you don’t see is the thousand more times they kiss off camera.


We also see Scheana, Shay, Kristen and James having dinner and drinks at the Rainbow Room. This was the first time I got to see James' acrobat skills. It seems as if gravity does not affect him. Check out a video of his moves.



Katie is also back to the dark brunette hair. Do blondes have more fun? Stay tuned to find out. . .What do you like better?


This episode, Scheana invited Katie to he birthday party and told her there would not be tequila there. Katie may or may not like a cocktail or two, with tequila being her main booze of choice. And that reputation didn't come from no where, at the end of shooting on the first night of filming, Katie told us what she was going to turn to. . .




Since Tequila Katie decided to skip Scheana's birthday, Schwartz had to keep Katie and Stassi updated on the birthday party drama. Katie was across town at the Andaz Hotel, while the Scheana party was at Mixology (which is run by a friend of Lisa's. . .so that comes into play next week). Katie and Stassi were getting filled in not just through the "Instawar" but by double agent Tom Schwartz.


But wait, weren't those shots fake? 


But wait there’s more, here are those instagram snaps in question. It's not too late to double tap and like those.


And one mustache face begat another. . .


Stassi saw that picture and raised it with a PicStich.


Is that peace sign a subliminal message?


Stayed tuned next week for more tasty Vanderpump Rules treats and as always stay sexy


Love, your friendly #PumpRules producer

#foyecrew @efoye

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