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Our Producer on All the Wedding Day Drama

Think you saw all the drama that happend on Scheana's wedding day? Think again!

By Erin Foye

Here comes the bride…Ms. Scheana Marie is about walk down the aisle and transform into Mrs. Scheana Shay. There was much to do before the wedding, though: The boys pampered Shay, and Scheana threw her rehearsal dinner at SUR, taking full advantage of her employee discount, of course. Check out the menu for the evening.

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What you did not see is that before the rehearsal dinner, the entire wedding party did a run-through at the wedding site. I had the pleasure of meeting Scheana and Shay’s family who were all just lovely. Even the rehearsal was magical and emotional. Scheana's parents took a minute to talk about how they were feeling about giving their daughter away. Check out these heartfelt messages.

The next day the girls headed out to the wedding site. Scheana had one more night with her bridal party before the big day. We had a little down time while the girls were loading in their dresses, food, champagne, etc., so clearly we had to have a little fun and play a prank on one of our producers. Katie and Jenna (a bridesmaid) came up with a genius plan. There was a good-sized box left outside that Jenna could fit in. We stuffed her in there, and, well, check out the producer’s high-pitched scream for yourself.

That night there was a lot of hair-braiding, gift-giving and drink-drinking before everyone went to sleep. Ariana broke away from the group and was hiding in Scheana’s bed for 30 mins…naked? Don’t worry, she did a quick video while she was waiting.

On the morning of the wedding, everyone was excited: the bride, the groom and especially one Mr. Jax Taylor. He was on a mission to “befriend” every bridesmaid at the wedding. See Jax’s wedding goals.

Fun fact: There were some bravolebrities in attendance at the wedding. Did you notice any? If you look carefully, you might find a Shah of Sunset (GG), a Housewife of Beverly Hills (Joyce), and a Housewife and Husband of Orange County (Gretchen and Slade). Look at all that Bravo love!

Once our cast found their seats, they had time to give some well wishes to the bride and groom. See everyone’s heartfelt messages.

The SURvers' Best Wedding Wishes

So how did we film all the wedding magic? Answer: with a small army of cameras. We had cameras everywhere. A few were covering the stage. A jib was swooping through the crowd. A few were sprinkled around the seats of people, plus the cameras following the bride. In this picture you can see the whole set up.

Once the ceremony started, the madness began. The groom and groomsmen were MIA, and no one could find them for about 20 minutes. That caused freak out number one. Scheana hiding in a broom closet? That was freak out number two. Good old SUR alumna Tina was cued to start singing way too soon, leading to freak out number three. The wedding planner’s assistant kept trying to signal Tina to stop, but she kept on going!

Despite all the freak outs, love prevailed and Scheana and Shay finally, officially tied the knot. It was a glorious moment.

Wedding extra: check out some pictures of Scheana’s custom crop-top dress, handmade by her aunt, who stitched each and every pearl onto that dress.

Don’t worry, friends. We’ve still got the reception to cover, and trust me, you don’t want to miss that! Check out the juicy preview of next week’s episode. You guessed it, the kids just couldn’t stay behaved all day and all night. That’s just too much to ask, I guess. See you next week! #foyecrew @efoye


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