5 Best Moments You Didn't See During Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules

5 Best Moments You Didn't See During Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules

Thank you, "Secrets Revealed" for giving us these amazing moments...

By Crystal Puccio
How Many Animals Does Lisa Vanderpump Really Have?

This season's episode of "Secrets Revealed" delivered amazing and hilarious moments that you didn't see this season...here's a roundup of our favorite scenes:

1. The Zoo at Villa Rosa

It's no secret that Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd have quite the growing menagerie over at Villa Rosa, but do you know how many animals they really have? In the clip above Lisa tries to name all of her pets which can prove to be rather difficult if your tally comes out to...25 animals! Here's the break down: seven turtles, eight swans, two ponies, and eight dogs. Amazing!

2. Werk!

Before this season, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix had only modeled together one time and since the couple is busy building their careers it was about time they built up that portfolio. The couple booked a joint photo shoot and what ensued? The fiercest modeling shots you've ever seen! (Scroll through their sexy modeling pics here.)

3. Crystal Therapy

Show Highlight
James and Kristen’s Crystal Therapy Session

In perhaps one of the best scenes ever captured between James Kennedy and Kristen Doute, we see the exes meeting with a crystal healer in attempt to work on their rocky relationship. The most endearing part is how into it they both are, but unfortunately even crystals couldn't help save their relationship.

4. Jax's Idioms

Show Highlight
Jax's Unique Take on Common Idioms

It should be no real surprise that Jax Taylor has his own way of doing everything, including putting his own twist on common sayings. In this video above watch Jax attempt to use every day phrases, but instead say things like "kill two birds with 13 stones" and "he puts his pants on two feet at a time just like everyone else".

5. Jax's New Tat

Over the years we've seen Jax cover his body with tributes to his girlfriends, but this season Jax decided to pay tribute to two other relationships in his life. Yes, that's right -- Jax tattoo'ed "Tom, Tom, & i" on his forearm in honor of his friendships with Schwartz and Sandoval. Aw...hopefully he'll never have to worry about covering this one up!

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