5 Things You Need to Know About Sandoval's 'T.I.P.'

5 Things You Need to Know About Sandoval's 'T.I.P.'


By Crystal Puccio

1. Last night Tom Sandoval joined Julie, Brandy, and Ariana Madix for an amazing, x-rated acoustic version of "Touch in Public" on the #PumpRules After Show.

2. The official music video features not only Ariana Madix, but Lala and Faith too!

3. Curious about the inspiration behind "T.I.P."? Watch Tom explain how it's all about flying high after having an amazing day...

4. What else inspired this song? And this line in particular? "Hey, let's touch in public. Is your ass good luck because I want to rub it." Ariana, of course!

5. Before Tom hit the set of his music video he made sure to handle all of his manscaping needs.


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