Lisa: Let's Not Forget What Stassi Did...

Lisa: Let's Not Forget What Stassi Did...

Lisa Vanderpump shares her thoughts on Stassi, James' competition with Jax, and Lala stripping down on camera.

Lisa's Vlog: I Love Lala's Spirit

Hello, I'm Lisa Vanderpump and welcome to my video blog.

Oh my goodness, I just feel goose bumps watching this because I wanted it for Katie as much as she wanted it for herself. I see Schwartzy screaming it to the world "I'm engaged!”, it's so fantastic because I see that he's happy that he made the right decision.

Of course I didn't want to tell Katie that he'd actually already practiced on me and I had already seen the ring.

Let's not forget what Stassi did, she trashed the restaurant, she trashed all the people that worked in it. And I'm sure she's coming around trying to get her quota of goat cheese balls, for nothing I might add -- not on my watch!

James keeps saying it's not a competition over Lala, but he still wants to win the prize.

Oh my God, Lala gets naked in front of the cameras as if they weren't even there. You know what? I really love Lala's spirit. I love her energy. She's kind of unapologetic. She's just a free spirit.

Nice to know what happens when the cat's away. I think I might need some more chlorine for that pool.

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Brittany Confronts Jax About Lala

So Brittany has just driven across the country to see Jax on the toilet? I mean I've been married 33 years and I've never seen Ken on the toilet, nor would I want to. Where's the romance? Geez.

Brittany, why do you need to talk to Lala about it? Lala owes you nothing, Brittany. It's Jax. He's the one that you should be talking to.

Kristen is so excited to hear about this engagement because she knows going forward she can immerse herself right in the middle of all of these forthcoming plans.

I'm with Ariana on this one. Scheana just wants everything to be alright, but sometimes it just can't be.

Thank you for watching my video blog. I'm Lisa Vanderpump and I will see you next time.

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