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S10 - E16

Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri

Mazel- Mariah Carey. She may have dislocated her shoulder but she did not hurt her fabulous bone, look at these gown matching slings she wore last night at the Concert in the Park. If I had access to slings like that, I would hurt myself  on purpose on the set of my music video. Mazel, Mariah, good job!Jackhole- Ola Ray. Now if you don’t remember her, she played Michael Jackson’s girlfriend from the ‘Thriller’ video. Well she just, JUST, got around to releasing her first single, 28 years later, called ‘Remember.’ Nothing like striking while the iron is hot, Ola, everyone is on bated breath waiting for your song. Anyway, it is a tribute to Michael and parts of the video look kind of familiar, yet horrible. You know what, Ola, I think Michael Jackson already has enough problems without your tribute. 

Aired: 07/14/2013