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S8 - E33

Jenni Pulos & Zoila Chavez

Mazel: It is personal and it’s from the heart. I want you, Jenni, to consider this as the toast that I would have made had I been able to come to your wedding. I’m so still upset that I couldn’t come and watching the episode made me even more sad. But Jenni, I’ve known you since season one of ‘Flipping Out,’ I have been there as you’ve gone through really hard times, and you and I have had more laughs with each other and fun than any two friends deserve to have. Jenni, there is a love and a spirit that glows from within you and it’s infectious and it is glorious. And I am so happy that Jonathan gets to share that with you everyday and that you have found love in your life and you deserve every happiness. Mazel to you and I just want you to know I, along with everybody at Bravo, love you so much, you bring us so much, so thank youJackhole: Jeff Lewis because he’s not here and it’s so much fun to make fun of him.  

Aired: 10/23/2012