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S9 - E23

Jenna Elfman & Rachel Dratch

Mazel- The U.S.A. Postal Service who announced today there will soon be no more mail on Saturdays. You know what? Thank you. I. Hate. Mail. I never get it. I never want my mail. I haven’t gotten anything good since I was a little kid and somebody sent me a card but I don’t remember who.Jackhole- Winter Storm Nemo. If you can believe the news, it’s supposed to crush the Northeast between anywhere from 3-38-inches of snow on Friday. Ok A) When did we start naming every storm in the world, even one that’s a three-incher; B) Why did you name it after a cartoon fish? and C) Why can’t we tell if we’re getting 3-inches or 38-inches? By the way, they wouldn’t be able to deliver the stupid mail anyway. 

Aired: 02/06/2013