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S9 - E20

Khloe Kardashian & Victor Garber

Mazel- Beyonce. Who kicked off her Super Bowl press  conference today by singing the national anthem live, live, live! It was so amazing, it was brilliant. Afterwards she admitted, yes, at the inauguration she did sing to a track, which is very common because it was mother f-ing cold and it wasn’t about her, it was about the President. So all you haters can give it a rest now. To the left, you Beyonce bey-tches. Jackhole- Roniah Tuiasosopo, he’s the guy that supposedly posed as Manti’s fake girlfriend for months on the the phone. Today he told Dr. Phil that he did it because at the time he was in love with Manti and he’s now a recovering homosexual. Ok. low blow, row brow. Being gay isn’t some illness that you can recover from and it’s gross that you would suggest it. Maybe instead you should focus on recovering from being a lying nutter butter instead. 

Aired: 01/31/2013