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S9 - E2

Lisa Vanderpump

Mazel- I’m a big fan of ‘Downton Abbey’ and now I’m a big fan of this Tumblr that went viral today. It’s Lady Edith with googly eyes. I mean, it’s just Lady Edith with googly eyes and I just think it’s hilarious. Lady Edith needs a boyfriend.Jackhole- The famed La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills. According to Page 6, Miss Diana Ross went to La Scala to meet her daughter, and basically they have a policy that you’re not allowed to sit down until your whole party arrives. Apparently Diana Ross went and sat down at the table waiting for her daughter and they made a huge deal about it. I’m saying that Diana Ross should not be subject to petty rules. I mean, I’m boycotting La Scala.

Aired: 01/07/2013