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S9 - E58

New Kids on the Block

 Mazel- Jimmy Fallon who is officially the new host of the Tonight Show starting in February of next year. Jimmy has been one of our bigest supporters here at WWHL and we’ll always be grateful for the shot-ski he made us. He is the future! He is everything! There is nothing he can't do. This couldn’t be happening to a better guy. Jimmy, we wish you all the best.Jakchole- Madame Tussaud’s wax figures of One Direction. They look like a sick and twisted Mount Rushmore! What did they do to Harry Styles? You know how I feel about Harry Styles. Why waste all that time on wax when you could just what this creative NKOTB fan did and make your favorite boy band a permanent part of you back fat?  

Aired: 04/03/2013