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S9 - E8

Robin Thicke & Sarah Paulson

Mazel- Private First Class Lander Chappell who lost his leg when he stepped on a grenade in Afghanistan and recently told the story of how Robin Thicke’s song ‘Tie My Hands’ saved his life. Give me just one second, I just have ten things in each of my eyes. Jackhole- Lance Armstrong. I know he only has one ball and stuff but it must be big and made of brass. I am hoping that tomorrow Oprah reads him like a trashy novel. I'm not talking Oprah-raises-her-voice-a-little-at-James-Fry scary, I'm talking Oprah-punches-out-an-effing-a-hole-white-man-in-The-Color-Purple scary!"

Aired: 01/15/2013