Seth Meyers & Gayle King

Seth Meyers & Gayle King

Season 9 |
Aired: February 28, 2013

Mazel- I know I already gave this on Monday but I have to do it again, it’s that picture of Faye Dunaway at the Vanity Fair Oscar party wearing her formal Playtex living gloves. It’s simply the best picture in the world, I’ve been staring at it all week.
Jackhole- Carnival Cruise Lines because before we’ve been even able to recover from the horrifying visual of their passengers stranded for days at sea, forced to use their ice buckets as toilets. Carnival has announced something that’s somehow scarier, an upcoming cruise with the band Matchbox Twenty on purpose. Now I’m sure the guys of Matchbox Twenty are really cool but before you buy your ticket just consider if you want to see your 1996 heartthrob at the pool applying sunscreen to his skin tags.

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