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A Modern Day Yenta

Jesse takes you behind the scenes of Jackie's DVD shoot.


I think I may have peed myself, I was laughing so hard after being reminded of that DVD shoot! Oy Vey (and I mean that)! Poor Rebecca. Her arms were about to fall off -- she had to do that sequence about five or six times that day. She just couldn't do it anymore! She had such a poetic movie moment when she looked at me and a single tear ran down her cheek. Ouch. That shoot took FOREVER, and by the end of it I had no feelings in my physical body. It was all numb, until I woke up the next morning and hurt everywhere. Ahhh, the price of being in Jackie's fitness DVD. I will say that it was a cool opportunity, and something fun I can say that I did. My only regret: I wish I shaved that morning!

So I set JD up on a date. Eat my shorts Millionaire Matchmaker! Maybe I can be a cool gay modern day yenta...or maybe not. I like to put my attention on my guy. Although at times I think he would like me to get another hobby! One episode to go, with a fantastic reveal! I can't wait until you see some of the results!

All my love, Jesse

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