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Breakups Suck

Rebecca discusses the grueling DVD shoot, and the big breakup.



Before I get to anything Work Out-related, this has to be said ... Sex and the City rocked my world! If you are a Sex fan and have not seen this masterpiece, turn off your computer, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars (Monopoly reference for those over 30) and go straight to your nearby multiplex and see it! I insist! I even approve the greasy movie theater popcorn for this one! The chain of events in the movie has affected me more than I ever thought it would, and I haven't laughed or cried so hard in quite some time. OK -- back to subject at hand ... Work Out! I warned all of you last week about the making of the DVD, didn't I? As you witnessed, making that DVD was a grueling, hellacious experience. There were moments when I was staring into the mat doing my 5,000th push-up that I wished I could swap with someone in their dentist's chair getting a root canal. Regardless of what I was enduring, I must applaud Jackie because she was truly a rock star that day. They showed a lot of her screwups, making that segment the leading contender for the DVD's blooper reel. But in reality, she impressed all of us with her improvisational skills and her ability to ad-lib and remain positive and composed take after take (after take, after take ...).

As merely a pawn in this production, I was required to push myself to physical exhaustion (cut to video of tears streaming down my face), but Jackie had to push herself mentally, which is much more challenging as far as I'm concerned. Believe it or not, I LOVE to work 16 hour days, stretch beyond my limits, and feel that enormous sense of accomplishment when my head hits the pillow that night. It was a rough day, but as I said in the show, it was a much-needed distraction from my breakup which took place the night before this shoot. Newsflash: BREAKUPS SUCK -- all shapes and sizes. Even when the relationship reaches a point to where it is unhealthy and needs to end, it is just as emotionally draining. I stayed in this one WAY too long because I was trying to avoid the pain that is inevitable in the end. We cling to what little we have because we do not realize that by letting go we open ourselves up to sooo much more. It is hard to see the forest through the trees. Well, I finally let go, and it's amazing how your life just opens up when you shed dead weight. Watching this episode really brought me back to that day of shooting, and while there was frustration, sadness, and tears, there was also a lot of laughter. Between Jesse's hilarity and Gregg Butler's wardrobe selection, how can I remember anything else?

Next week is the season finale and I have no idea what to expect. You know when you go on vacation and come back and are so excited to see your home videos from the trip? That's how I feel each week ... family vacation footage thanks to Bravo ... a cruise to Mexico, a Sky Lab retreat in Northern California, stops at bikini shops, and of course the great footage from our staycations right here in Los Angeles. This season has been such a blast, and I am sad to see it end.

But we still have one week together, my lovelies!

Until then, xxxooo Rebecca

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