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Buckle Up!

Lisa prepares viewers for a third season of love, work, tears of joy, hate, evil, success, and more.

By Lisa Skyles



Hey Everyone! Just watched Work Out: The Warm Up and all I can say is "What the %&$#-." OK, so I can't say that, so I will just say, "WOW!" I hope you all are geared up and ready for the season premiere coming up. Now I know most of your reactions toward me will be like, who is hell this chick blogging? A trainer? Jackie's hidden lover? Well the answer to both is NO, particularly HELL NO to the second question. I'm actually the stiletto-wearing Managing Director of Sky Sport gym and Medical Facility. Jackie hired me on the spot, which was a major shock, considering my background is sales, client services, and marketing, not health and fitness. I only owned designer sneakers and quickly realized that the treadmill doesn't mix with high heels and designer dresses I'm the beauty (ha -- the cocky side of me!) and business brain of Sky Sport that spends the majority of my day on my cell phone, meeting with "KING" Jackie, handling day-to-day operations of the gym/medical facility and my favorite: wiping vomit from the gym floor! Clients: Please refrain from eating right before working out. PLEASE!

Jackie and I have a lot in common, especially when it comes to helping people and giving back. I admire her business ethic and dedication to Sky Sport. On the flip, we are both strong Type A females and sometimes life "ain't" a tea party with us. Jackie's personal life tends to bleed into my life by default and while difficult I understand, I tend to like her better when she is single. Despite my feelings, I hope that she finds happiness and true love with her new girlfriend. If I were a betting woman, an iceberg in the middle of the desert has a better chance of surviving, based on what is upcoming in Season 3!



The trainers ... hmmm. Work-wise, they are some of the elite trainers in LA, but oh my, do they know how to stir things up! The old crew is back and now they are mixing it up with a couple of new trainers. I'm still in shock over some of the stuff I witnessed! I consider myself an "insider" on what goes on at the gym, because I'm there all day and night! Sometimes I feel like I stepped on the set of Days of our Lives. Yes, I do my share to spur it on, but trust, the craziness has a life of its own. So buckle up girls and boys because Season 3 is filled with love, work, tears of joy/hate, evil, success, back-stabbing, laughter, jealously, bitterness, scandal, and fun!

Until next time ... ENJOY! xoxo

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