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High Intensity Work Out

Erika responds to Deenie's behavior on the retreat.



The Dolphin Bay resort was beautiful. I shared a room with Rebecca and that was the best part of the trip! She was so funny; she had me cracking up while she was running around the room doing her little antics.



I was shocked and baffled by Deenie's behavior. I simply could not comprehend how someone would constantly smoke cigarettes at a health retreat. We all have our issues, but couldn't she try, even just a little? I give Gregg B. props for having to deal. Agostina's Yoga-Box class looked great. I am just happy that I did not have to take it. She is hardcore. But what was even more hardcore was that therapy session with everyone yelling. I could not get out of there faster. The room was hot and claustrophobic. That was way, way, way too intense for me. Just like this season.

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