Let's Get Down and Dirty

Let's Get Down and Dirty

Rebecca shares the promise she made with Jackie this season.



Well, well, well...here we are, Season 3 of Work Out is fast approaching and I'm NERVOUS! I wish I could send the editors a fruit basket and a note that reads "Dear editing gods, cut gentle!" I first want to thank each of you reading this right now for taking an interest in our little show. It has been quite a journey over the past couple of years and I'm thrilled we could do it together. I hope we entertain you over the next couple of months and maybe teach you a thing or two about fitness in the process.



This season is very different as many things have changed at Sky Sport - personally and professionally. Things get down and dirty. Jackie and I recently vowed not to get mad no matter what we say or do this season. That's going to be a tough vow for her to keep, as I do and say some not-so-nice things. Such is life. I'm flawed just like everyone else but I will always, always, always admit to my faults and shortcomings. And I think if your heart is in the right place, all can be forgiven. That's all I will say until after the first episode. Laugh, enjoy, hate, cry, scream -- for without passion, what's the point?

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