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My Breaking Point

Brian addresses his falling out with Jackie, his new job, and his divorce.



Well we see that the trainers got to unwind a bit at the bar and things start to heat up. I love the way Rebecca nailed Jackie Warner right on the dot; it was so funny -- "Sugar is the Devil." Then we see my good buddy Greg Plitt and Renessa doing their thing. Now what do I do on 1 and 2? Can you go over that again? Ha! Anyway, I am glad to see that everyone had fun and that people learned a lot about themselves and about fitness.

SO I guess this is the part that you want to hear about, so here it goes. Yes -- I am now at a new place of biz called Body Image. I have gone through a ton this year: I lost my best friend, I got fired from Sky Sport, and then my wife Kate and I got divorced. So yeah, it has been the hardest year of my life. I am glad that Gregg Butler came by and checked the new place out and he lent his ear to me for a bit. I have been all alone and trying to figure things out and get my life back together. It is hard when you lose two of the things you love in your life. So I arrive at the event and had a drink and I went to talk to Jackie. What I was looking for from her was "I am sorry" and the same for Jamie Eason. The auction started and I was still having a few drinks, because I just couldn't get what was going on with my wife out of my head and I was hurting very bad inside. I am sitting there listening to everyone bid on Doug's things and on the items people donated. I didn't think they were going high enough so I got up and tried to help out. Well, all I can say is that backfired on me big time. So I am sure Jackie loves that -- I looked stupid, so what? Who cares what she thinks? I told her I loved her and yes, I believe that was the booze talking. I start to get more and more mad at this woman 'til finally I just had to tell her what people really think of her. I put it all out there on the line and what I said is the truth and I am not sorry for saying it, because she needed to hear it from someone. Well that is the closure for me with Jackie Warner. I am 100% done with that woman. Thank you, guys. GOD BLESS! If you would like to get your very own Peelerbuilt shirt, go here.

Brian A. Peeler

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