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Never A Dull Moment

Erika addresses the situation with Lisa, and reacts to Brian being fired.



Wow. Just when you guys thought you had seen it all! There is never a dull moment here at Sky Sport. I just don't know what to say. I mean I am really confused. I first want to address the whole Lisa situation because I think it has gotten way out of control. I want everyone to pause, take a moment and take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Who can honestly say that they have NEVER EVER gossiped about anyone in their entire life? Thought so. No it's not right; it's not cool, but we all have done it. Lisa obviously did not know that Jamie had cancer, otherwise she would not have said a word. With integrity, she stepped up to the plate, apologized, and owned her mistake. That takes a lot of heart and courage especially when America is watching and judging you. As far as Peeler getting fired it sucks. But when the boss tells you to get out of her office, you leave and leave fast. The photo shoot ended up being a lot of fun. Greg was awesome to work with and I am still flattered that he asked me to do the cover with him. Even though the Sky Labbers are having some obstacles, they have great trainers by their side and they will pull through. I mean if they don't, they get thrown over the Sky Sport balcony. Just kidding!

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