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No Peeping Tom

Gregg talks about the fun of filming reality TV!



First of all, I wanted to apologize to anybody I offended last week with my blog. Particularly the lady who referred to me as rancid dark meat. That was sweet. The worst part of the new hi-tech digital age is that subtleties, such as tone of voice, have all but vanished thanks to texting, e-mailing, and blogging. I am having such a good time with the show and being part of the craziness that is Work Out. No doubt. Remember ya'll, this is scandalous TV meant to entertain and I definitely get a kick out of it. Speaking of scandalous TV, I was laughing my ass off when I saw those two knuckleheads in the pool. It's the music that really sells it. Rewind it,  it's a mixture of Donna Summer's "Love To Love You" and the background noise when you walk in on your little cousin watching TV and "exploring" his body. Hilarious. God bless Nessa and Greg, though. They epitomize not giving a shit and I love that. And may the record show that Agostina and I weren't being voyeuristic -- we were there first. I should have stayed in the mood and whispered sweet nothings to the Argentinian Queen of booty. It's just that I'm scared of her, is all.

Filming reality TV is fun. You get to really be a characterization of yourself and hope that editing is kind. It's not fun when the charade goes away and you're left with a reflection of yourself. That's all i can really say about Brian on this week's episode. I really do care about him and although we don't hang out enough, he is a cool, funny guy with a big heart. It really broke my heart when I saw the scene with him at Doug's fund-raiser. Not the most comfortable hour for anybody. Like I said though, when life kicks, you make sure it kicks you forward. Stay up, Big Poppa. In the vain of self-reflection, I didn't realize I talk like Shaft. When the young lady, who I unconsciously referred to as "baby girl" or "honey" took the stage it was awesome. No disrespect to anyone who might have taken offense to that. In the flow of storytelling I guess I remembered her as a Victoria's Secret model. Not the case. She did, however, represent on the mic. That was amazing. Much love to her. She came from a long line of auctioneers and spent her weekends as a young girl and teenager sitting in on the family biz perfecting that sweet science. HA. I'm not joking, though. That's what she told me. And speaking of getting busy on the mic, next week it's my turn. Check-check it out. I can't wait to see how it looks. It's like the third day of Kwanzaa.

Anyway, later players!

much love

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