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On The Defense

Jesse defends his comments about Brian's firing.

By Jesse Jordan



Wow! What an angry reception I am entering as I enter this wonderful arena of blogging. So I guess before I talk about the positives of the show I will address the negative. Not one of the people blogging besides the people that are on the show know everything that happens in these situations. BUT YES, what happened was terrible. I wasn't condoning this behavior. All I said was that there is always more to a story and two sides. For me to be lashed out for seeing different point of views is ridiculous. I have never sought out drama to further myself on the show hence you see me in NONE. I conducted myself with respect and I feel as though I am a nice person and that is how I am received. My comments about Peeler being out and my being in, well it was literal and I won't apologize about being excited to be given a chance to change someone's life. I like Peeler but the drama has nothing to do with me nor did I instigate any of this. Keep your lashing out to those who actually deserve it.

And lastly, I respected Shannon for pushing forward after she threw up, but if she wanted to step back and take a break to recuperate she was able to do this. She wanted to keep going and that was her prerogative. I would love to comment on how amazing it was to be at the Shea Center with Shannon and to understand her daughter's therapy but I think I spent most of my time addressing shitty remarks to make me feel bad. I am thankful that I had this experience but I will not defend myself anymore. I worked so hard on this show and with Shannon and conducted myself with integrity and sincerity.

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