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What Goes Around Come Around

Agostina describes her first days working at Sky Sport, and shares her first impressions of the trainers.

By Agostina Laneri



This first episode was so much fun! I really enjoyed watching it even though there was some stuff that left me speechless! Since i started working at Sky Sport & Spa, I can say that i have been through a lot of tough S%^T!! I was born in Argentina and I was raised with different morals it seems to me ... you dont realize how toxic, dramatic, insecure, and immature people can be ... but in the end the most important thing is that i met "real" people that are not full of it. So, yes, i am not afraid of speaking my mind and I will tell it how it is.


I am not here to talk bad about other people -- that's just not the type of person I am. The only thing I have to say is: Come on haters! Everyone talks s*** about everyone, especially about Jackie's girlfriend Brianna, who is the sweetest person in the world! I think they make a good couple and can bring the good qualities out of each other ... will see what happens .... Rebecca? Do i need to say anything? Renessa? i really dont know her .... JD?? Love him. He is a great guy with a heart of gold. We became so close this season and it is fun to be with him, especially when he massages u!! Jesse?? Keeps it real. Gregg B.? Cracks me up Greg P.? I am going to be honest, I thought that bringing his client to a trainer's BBQ was a little odd ... but hey, the guy doesnt give a shit! I personaly really like Jackie's clothes, and to tell you the truth i think he would look great in them! Erika? She was so funny when she said, "Agostina is a mom too, and she is not worried" at the BBQ when Renessa asked if we should have been worried that Jackie wasnt there yet ... JACKIE? She's the boss. I guess we will see what happens next week. Just remember: "What goes around comes around."

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