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Work Hard, Play Hard

Renessa thanks her supporters!


I'd first like to send a huge thanks out to all my supporters. I love you right back! I work hard and I play hard, and I've never not done something for fear of how certain people might judge me, and I know you guys respect me for that. I know my own heart, my friends, and family know me, and to hell with what anybody else might say or think. The only one who can judge me is God, and I can sleep well at night knowing that I'm right with him. Life is about the experiences! It's about doing what you love to the best of your abilities, making a difference where you can, and enjoying yourself and your loved ones, all while being a good person. Hey, I'm having a blast! Let them be jealous. As for Jackie's retreat, Greg and I put in an extremely long day, played, and had some fun that night, and I "brought it" the next day. I didn't show up drunk for boot camp, and I was completely focused on Tyra. I have no regrets. Peeler deserves all the best! We all make mistakes from time to time in how we handle ourselves, but he was clearly true of heart. No question. I have never had a better friend than Brian Peeler. I'll leave you with this: How much of life is wasted in worry and wait?

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