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S3 - E1

Hard Body...Thin Skin

After a tumultuous second season, Bravo's docu-series Work Out is back for a third season featuring the dynamic and beautiful owner of L.A.'s Sky Sport and Spa, Jackie Warner, and her team of trainers. Jackie starts the new season with a newfound maturity, which she carries into her approach to both her personal life and her business. Personally, she has a new love in girlfriend, Brianna. Rebecca is not in Jackie's life as much as last season, is resentful of that fact and showing her jealous side. Professionally, Jackie amps up her business by hiring four top-notch new trainers – Greg, Agostina, JD and Renessa. Still working with Jackie are trainers Peeler, Rebecca, Jesse, Gregg and Erika, and they are still trying to stir up as much drama as possible. Will they get the best of Jackie this season? Jackie offends Peeler when she shuts him out of a meeting for a fund-raiser to support the Doug Blasdell Foundation. Peeler feels he should be involved because Doug was his best friend. Later during a double-date with Jesse and their new significant others, Jackie expresses her growing dislike of Peeler. New trainer Greg causes a big reaction from the old staff because of his fitness magazine cover. He continues to make his presence known in the gym by training clients with his shirt off and by telling Jackie that he dislikes her clothing line. Later at a dinner party at Jesse's, he continues to shock everybody by arriving with his client as his date, while Rebecca continues her downward spiral into jealousy when Jackie and Brianna start kissing in front of her.

Aired: 04/14/2008