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S3 - E2

Sky Lab 2.0

Jackie's Sky Lab project is back and better than ever, this season facing bigger challenges. The new Sky Lab clients are introduced and meet with a doctor for an evaluation, and are also set up with Sun Fare, a food delivery program. Jackie also hires JD as a masseuse for the Sky Lab project.   Jackie tells the female trainers that she has a surprise for them and announces that they are all going on a lesbian cruise to Mexico. Brianna reveals her jealous side when Jackie tells her that she's going away on the cruise without her and Brianna is especially not happy to hear that Rebecca will be there. Before leaving for the cruise, the girls take a quick detour to buy some sexy bikinis. While the girls are on the cruise the guy trainers and newbie JD gather at Greg's house to play horseshoes. Brian Peeler suggests that all the guys should do a mud run while the girls are away. Rebecca and Erika teach a boot camp on the cruise and Jackie annoys them when she steps in and takes over.

Aired: 04/22/2008