The Travelogue

Anyone else miss Cheven?

on May 31, 2012

OK, back to the cooking. The chefs are cooking at Palais Soleiman, and things seem to be moving along fairly swimmingly until Avery's beets for her salad side dish go missing. And the shiz hits the fan. She obviously assumes the worst -- that one of her competitors has stolen the beets. Gary rightly assumes that one of the servers took them because they were sitting in the plating area. Sure enough, the servers return the beets. Chaz obviously gets angry because time was taken from his team's prep to find the beets and then Gary continued to talk about it after they were found, so he and Avery get into it a little bit. While I agree with Chaz that an apology from Avery was deserved for assuming the worst, Chaz's reaction was completely out of proportion, and frankly just plain odd. It seems that he finds these little vendettas and sticks with them. First Cheven, now Avery.

After many different tagines and side dishes, the ladies' team prevails. In fact, Liz wins for her fabulous front-of-house service. So the other chefs must decide who goes home. Chaz's team all agrees to send Avery home and Nookie's team all agrees on Chaz, so Curtis says it's up to this week's MVP to decide. Ultimately, Liz sends Chaz home. It'll be interesting to see th dynamics created next week without Chaz there.