The Travelogue

It's all in the delivery, Sai.

May 16, 2012

Bonjour, mes amis! As the lovely Cat Cora announced last week, we're in Lyon, France. I've only been to France once, and that was in high school where much of the food and speaking remained American, but I've been craving a trip back ever since. Since Chaz won last week's challenge, not only does he have immunity but he gets to select his team. He drops Nick in the process. Considering all the criticism Nick had of Chaz last week, this is probably welcome.

What's probably not welcome is that Chaz's team gets to sit in first class and the other team doesn't. I was talking just the other week to a friend who wanted to go on a long train trip, complete with dining cart, etc. Well, apparently that's available in Lyon.

Once they get to their destination, the two teams then have to drive to their first challenge. We quickly learn that Gary was a French interpreter. Also, every shirt he owns has words on it. I wonder if he makes them himself! The Black Team starts off in the lead, but a wrong turn made by Cheven causes them to trail behind, so the Red Team gets to the first stop first. When they get there they are greeted by a cheesemaker, Monsieur Jean-Marc Lery at Le Berger Des Dombes. The first Course is to identify six sheep cheeses. I wouldn't be able to do this, but Jenna insists she can. Well, after several tries. To be fair, maybe it would've taken her teammates longer! But as Jenna spends time deciphering the cheeses -- even questioning Monsieur Lery's knowledge! -- the Black Team finally arrives. Cheven makes his own cheese! So, he steps up to the plate. He doesn't get it right on the first try either, but both teams finally get it done.