The Travelogue's Senior Editor is surprised to see Keven go home so soon.

May 24, 20120

Now, who to send home. Well, it seems that it would likely be Chaz or Keven. Chaz for being responsible for seemingly the night's worst dish, or Keven for not having any front-of-house presence whatsoever. Say what you will about Jenna (and her fellow chefs certainly say a lot!), diners love her. Ultimtely, Keven went home. I'm honestly a little shocked he went home so early, but it was inevitable. He was just too difficult to work with. Adios, Keven!

Next week, we're in Morocco! Cheers for now!

Marti W
Marti W

From a viewer's perspective, I'm not sure I could have handled another week of Cheven. It'll be interesting now to see whether Chaz settles down to become a team player or not.

I'm still confusing John and Nick but (at least) one of them has become my favorite objective commenter.

Didn't know whether this premise would work but you know... it does.