Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny ponders the importance of taking a break, and the magnitude of her SkinnyGirl empire.

on Apr 7, 2011

As for the private plane, it is quite a luxury and I can't even believe I could afford to do that for us. Jason really appreciated it and got used to the lavish lifestyle quick. It's hard to believe I was broke a few years back. By the way, are any of you members of the Mile High Club?

As for ice-skating, it got more and more grueling. I adore Ethan, but my midlife crisis really got the best of me, and I took on more than I should. We as women think we can and should handle it all, but sometimes saying no means saying yes. I chose to ice skate because I was scared, and I face my fears and honor my commitments. That doesn't mean it wasn't brutal.

I also chose to cook Thanksgiving, which lent itself to the folding table conversation. Maybe I'm nuts -- well, we all know by now that I am --- but I thought that might look cheap. As you know, I'm always outnumbered in my house.

Thanks for watching. You let me be me, which is the greatest gift of all.

Next week I probably won't be able to blog. I haven't seen the episode and I'm taking a vacation so I don't go completely cuckoo for cocoa puffs. I need it.