Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny thanks her fans for the support, and swears she's just like them.

on Feb 28, 2011

Episode 1 is the weekend in Hazleton. Jason comes from a small town, the only place he's ever lived in his life besides New York. In that and every way, we are exact opposites.

I love the Hoppy's. They are the sweetest, most genuine people who raised my husband to be the beautiful man he is. As you know, I don't come from a close knit family, and I'm not used to bring with my parents all the time. If Jason's parents had their way, we'd live with them. It was difficult for us to find a balance and me to not feel like the bad guy. I'm still working on it. It is a process. They are wonderful people and parents, and I want them in Bryn's life. I also want Jason and I to also have our own family and intimate experiences that we experience alone.

As I mention in my next book, the key is "coming together" and making sacrifices for your partner because the sum is greater than its parts. Each of us has to adjust to the other's unfamiliar lifestyle because it makes our family stronger.

We will get there.