Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny dissects the hilarity in this episode and thanks you for coming along on the ride.

on Mar 27, 2012

I loved the closet meeting with Andrea and Brooke. I am dying to just have a place to put everything, and I hope and pray that that will eventually happen. I work so hard, I often need to wear different outfits, and I would just not even know what to do if I could actually see my garments. I'm so used to being in small spaces for so long that it seems like a pipe dream. Fortunately, you will all get to see the final product on my show. Believe me I am hustling every day for you to get to see it as much as myself.

I really enjoyed shopping with Mariette. She is a good wingman, equally as opinionated as I am. I can't wait for my vision to become a reality. The idea of being able to actually choose what goes into a home is so foreign to me that it almost feels too good to be true. All of this is a bit surreal to be honest.

As far as the "man cave" is concerned, I just wanted to have a dark little den so we didn't have to watch TV and mess up the main beautiful living room. I wanted Jason to have his oasis. However it seems that making a smaller master, a somewhat larger yet still small closet, and a small man den was illogical. Everyone shopping for that kind of apartment would want a beautiful closet, and we seem to be headed in that direction. I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe dreams can come true. Can you even believe that Andrea from transFORM home (she is the BEST) sided with Jason? She's the closet lady!!! And she was voting for the man cave?