Jackie Lagratta

Jackie shares her thoughts on the self-defense class and Bethenny's closet caper.

on Mar 26, 20120

What can I say? You never know what you'll be dragged into. CPR class, roller skating in an apartment, self defense, delicious dinners. It is never boring.

I'm so excited for Bethenny's new "dressing suite." We need the room! She's been on a shoe buying bender! She's always on eBay searching for the best deal. It's a trip.

The CPR class was so informative and encouraging to re-learn what exactly what to do in case of an emergency. I highly recommend everyone take a class like that.

The self defense class was great. It was so much fun to learn how to be ready for any situation and how to use my body as a defense mechanism! Check out Gabrielle's 10 tips of female awareness, she was awesome.

Ah Monday night is so much better when its full of laughs!

Until next week


JoAnn from New York State
JoAnn from New York State

Hi Jackie!

This show was so full of a lot of different things that Bethenny and her team did! After watching the show I thought to myself, Wow, they covered a LOT on the show this week! ... self-defense class (Bethenny punching herself in the face!), CPR (very important!) Pull your zipper up Dwayne!!! haha!! ... roller skating ... Is Bethenny great on those skates or what???!!! Discussing Bethenny's closet. Well, of course she has to have a bigger closet than she did in their apartment! Feel bad Jason doesn't have his "person-cave" but now the TV will be in the living room. Like the builders said, having a huge closet will be better for re-sale. I can't wait to see it! I was watching the "Little Couple" last week, too, and Jennifer's closet came out AMAZING!! Did you see it? She has a retro-look with black and white wallpaper. Has a dressing table, too! A closet that EVERY gal would love and WANTS!!!

... and ... ahem ... another "lovely" comment ... !!! Ignore it please!

See you next week, Jackie! Take care ~ JoAnn xo


You never know what you will be dragged into???? I'm sure Bethenny is not making you do anything you don't want to. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to work for Bethenny. "I'm excited about the new "dressing suite" we need the room!?? Didn't think you were living there too.