Julie Plake

Julie shares her love of Gina and why she feels especially connected to her.

on Apr 18, 2012

Loved this episode!

Bethenny loves to make Brooke feel uncomfortable, but also appreciates all of the work Brooke is doing. I think it was so funny when she let her know I wouldn't be around. Brooke's face was priceless!

I do miss attending meetings where drinking is required! This Beam meeting was very interesting for me because I really felt with all of the flavor tasting and people that this brand has really made it. TONS of people are backing this brand and it will be even more successful! It was a great feeling!

Seeing GINA was so AWESOME. I think you can tell that by my reaction and excitement when she walked in the door. Bryn is so smart and doesn't miss a beat, so of course she knew exactly who Gina was. I had forgotten how hilarious she is and how her comments are so out of left field! She really is special and I miss her a lot. I think she is one of the ONLY ones who has a true understanding of my job (old job...).