Julie explains what was going through her mind as it was the beginning of the end with Bethenny.

Well everyone it's the beginning of the end as I attempt to hand Jackie the reins of everything in this episode. Bethenny speaks of me having "senioritis," but in fact I was trying to let Jackie take over so that I can help to answer any questions.

When they were preparing for Aspen, Dawa was so cute. She gives honest answers and that is so refreshing. I bet she never thought her nanny job would involve fashion.

I love that Bethenny and Brooke went searching for art on the street. They found some unique pieces that will go great in the new apartment.

The Aspen trip was so fun for me to watch because I wasn't there, so I was seeing everything from your perspective. Bethenny is a pretty awesome snowboarder, and Jackie and Jason could hang too. It was a blessing that I wasn't there because I would have for sure tried to keep up and probably injured myself.

Having a "ladies who lunch" outing with Bethenny was not a normal thing. It was really nice to sit and talk. I knew she was starting to realize that I wasn't going to be around everyday.

Change is hard, but, as I always have said, I am a phone call away to give her support on any level. And that rings true -- even now months after I have stopped working with her daily we still talk and visit.

Until next week!

Xo Julie

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Follow Your Heart

Julie reflects on her journey with Bethenny and where it will lead her next.

Everyone -- this was a pretty intense episode. I wanted to thank all of you for the positive thoughts and support throughout this whole journey. Working for Bethenny and creating an unbreakable bond with her family truly changed and molded me as a person, and has allowed me to take the next step of my life with confidence. You have all helped build Bethenny's empire and your constant support has allowed her to take the next step -- her talk show. Although I am not directly working for Bethenny anymore, I am supporting from a distance and keep very close to her and her family.

For those of you who have asked, I am extremely happy and living in my hometown of Pittsburgh since January. I recently got a job in PR and marketing and am looking forward to the next steps of my life. This experience has taught me many things, but the most important thing is to follow your heart and be thankful for everything that you have in life.


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